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Super Simple DIY Cfast to SSD Adapter That actually works!

And now here is a simple and effective way to utilize SSD media to capture your footage rather than the still expensive CFast cards. This setup is designed to be small, compact and light weight. Velcro to keep everything in place while not adding any additional. hardware.

This is a good C-box alternative, although it only currently has one Cfast adapter, you could run two of these cables to record to two SSD Drives.

The components for this build are as follows and I need to credit this list to Andrew Baker ( Andrews adapter build video:

Cfast to SSD Adapter build parts:CFast break out cable [$68.75] [4.50 shipping]

D-Tap to 2 female USB adapter ( if your battery doesn't have USB) [$15.40] [free shipping] [$200] [free amazon shipping] SSD Drive

Power Bank [$10.99] (Optional)

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