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Get to know our team! We're excited to share our products with you

Cammon Randle

Creator | Product Design | Director of Photography 

Shooting stuff, lighting stuff, Making stuff..  Cammon believes life is about creation. 


Cammon is a Platnum gold star 5th level wizard member of Audible, go ahead and ask what book he is listening to currently.  


Homegrown in Provo Utah, he spent most of his younger days making trouble with the neighbor kids by having street bicycle races on their Huffies, and also building tree forts in the many vacant lots that were around back then.

Ryan Gordon

Partner | Product Testing | Photographer

This easy formula for writing a dating profile really works:

  1. Catch her eye

  2. Describe your occupation

  3. Paint a picture of your everyday life

  4. Describe what you’re looking for

Kim 2.jpeg

Kimberly Smith

Writer | Painter

Kimberly does things Kimberly's way and in Kimberly's style. 


Wordsmith extraordinaire and explorer of Impressionism, Kimberly can be found most days correcting other people's mistakes or pigmenting parchment as an expression of emotion. 

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