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How to light a night time scene: Film Lighting tutorial 1

I do a quick off the cuff breakdown of a scene from a film I shot. After watching this I have realized that I have a few better ways of explaining what we did and will improve upon this in the near future.. But It would help if anyone had any questions about this scene.... This was shot on the RED ONE with RED Primes open all the way. (T1.8 I believe) We tented the windows of this building making it seem as thought it was night.. We only had a few feet between the window and the black plastic so I had to do the best i could to squeeze the 4 foot 4 bank Kino flo in there to mimic some kind of moon light... The look didn't end up perfect but it sure worked for what we were working with.. So we had one light fixture out side each window and then I had one in the room high and behind camera to bring up the ambient light just a bit. The light in the room was running one or two tubes with the Grid on... We were shooting with daylight temp lights and then timed the RED footage to a tungstan white balance..

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