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How to light a rock music video, Royal Bliss Cry sister. Music Video lighting tutorial

Ok folks this was a fun one. We got to do a little music video shoot with Royal Bliss, they are some good old rock, the band, Royal Bliss, was great to work with and even helped us out with some heavy lifting on the way in and out. For this Rock Music Video, we were shooting on a stage in Provo, it worked out that we were all in town instead of having to trek all the way out to LA. We ended up lighting this with a mixture of LED panels, overhead par cans and a number of Fresnel fixtures either shooting them directly or bounced them into frames. In the end the color correction on the video took out any color we tried to add but I still think it turned out looking great. So enjoy this tutorial on how to light a rock music video.

Director: Chris Le

Royal Bliss:

Link to Cry Sister Video:

Link to Behind the scenes:

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