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The SuperFlag Bracket is the base of the fully adaptable SuperFlag system.  This bracket gives you the flexibility to create your own light modifier. Paired with any number of different DIY solutions or, one of our choice modifier materials. The SuperFlag Bracket puts you in control, allowing you to have a professional lightweight and easy to use bounce, flag, or diffuser for your lights.

SuperFlag Bracket

  • Technical Specifications

    The SuperFlag bracket was specially designed to fit any light weight 4mm - 6mm flat sheet material i.e.





    For Flags longer than 24" x 18" we recommend adding the top bracket and support rod to keep your flag reinforced.


    L: 7"

    W: 5"

    H: 1"


    Each Super Flag Bracket is made to order. Individually 3D printed using production grade super tough PLA. Not to be used with High temperature lights.

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