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The Mini Grip head 2.0. Now printed solid with no layer lines, sleaker, tougher, faster, sronger.  Using eneneering grade impact resistant resin, the Mini Grip head 2.0 is better than ever. 


Honestly, who only needs one? Save some cash with this DIY 3 Mini Grip bundle. Save 75% on the 3rd Mini Grip head when you bundle 3 together. 

No C-Stand? No problem!  The Grip Mini mounting head gives you the power to transform any standard light stand into a multi-function power stand! Mount your SuperFlag to any standard light stand as if it were a hundred-dollar C-Stand.  A perfect partner to the SuperFlag!

Mini Grip Head Bundle of 3

  • Technical Specifications

    The Grip Mini has a 3/8" and Baby pin receptor giving it the ability to hold onto any lightweight accessories i.e.









    Each Mini Grip Head is made to order. Individually 3D printed using production grade super tough PLA. Not to be used with High temperature lights

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